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My Why- Aloha and Light Safe Space

For those of you have have been here for a while and those who are new, here’s a little “About my life” 💗💗💗- My name is Janel.  Sometimes I’m so focused on what everyone is whispering, wanting, waiting for... I forget what the sound of my own voice is like.  Sometimes I sit and  wonder what my why is and my children remind me everyday!  But what about me?  Why do I choose to stay at home and work to watch over my children?  Why?  Why do I choose to work a thousand times harder to accomplish my goals, go outside of comforts zones more than I ever have before?  I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve always wondered why?  What is my purpose?   Well everything keeps pointing to Safe Space, so I opened up a non-profit and I can’t believe it’s actually almost here, officially!!  Well now I know what I’m supposed to do, what drives me and why I do what I do!  I want to help other mamas who are struggling.  I struggled with abuse and raising two year old twins.  I want to help mamas learn about birth and breastfeeding!  I made choices about birthing on my own and everyone thought I was crazy.  “I need to get this baby off the breast!”, so they say, but I breastfed my son until we were ready, he was 3 1/2!  ✨I follow the beat to my own drum, I always have and always will.  🙏🏽✨🏝Thank you for being here with me, with us, with all of us together!  (And don’t mind my no make up, just got back from a trip, tired mama eyes.) I could go on and on about things I don’t like about myself or why I didn’t want to post a photo of myself.  But I try to remember why I don’t look my best right now and that I will after Atticus doesn’t need me so much!  Atticus keeps me busy busy busy!!  He’s such a blessing though, this sweet, sweet child of mine! 😅 I’m just so proud of myself for giving me time to nurture him for two and half years already and to not rush my body back into this “so called shape status everyone needs to be”.  Anyway love you all and thank you for being you and letting me be me!  #realshit #alohaandlightsafespace #goals #dreams #visions #fate #aloha 







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