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Why I Auction Designer Baby Carriers!

     I believe in spirit and energy.  Just as the wind blew me into the designer baby carrier making business, I too have a driving force behind making them...Helping Children!  The best way to help a child is by helping the mother!  What keeps me going toward my goal is the fact that I love color and design and although I only create slings right now, I believe this will lead me on a path where I will be able to create much more in the future, filling up empty dark spaces of nothing with beautiful lighted color rays!  A sanctuary for mothers to help them find their true nature after abuse.  

     Heightened energy from morning sun peeking rays through the mango trees...throwing color onto large canvas under the banana trees, with soft sounds of ocean in the distance.  Minimal objects and plentiful fruit and vegetables growing in the near by gardens, children laughing and singing, playing and learning.  Mothers healing, living in peace with joyful faces working happily together, grateful for the now.  

     This is my dream, that is my destiny.  So now when you see an auction, just know, the reason behind the driving force is much greater than just another gorgeous sling!

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