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Aloha Light Tribe Membership

This exclusive membership is quite simple.  Make a donation to Aloha and Light Safe Space and you'll receive the following:

-15% off all products anytime of year.

-One ring sling for yourself and we will donate one to a mother in need!.   

     Safe space is our community of mothers who help other sisters and mothers in need!  We were able to donate quite a few slings last year and are looking to donate even more this year and the years to come.  The slings we donate go to mothers who are in crisis situations, single mothers, and sisters who may be starting over again from abusive relationships, childhoods, etc.  Thank you to all the mothers who contribute to Aloha and Light Safe Space and Vision!  Together we can create a community of strong mothers and women so we can stand on our own away from abuse together in solidarity!  Aloha, I love you! 

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