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Benefits of Baby Wearing

Did you know?

•Babies who are worn cry an average of 40-50% less than babies who are not. 
•Strengthens bond between parent and baby.
•Decreases risk of SIDS
•Allows for easy and discreet breastfeeding anywhere!
•Allows baby and toddler a safe space to be comforted anytime. 
•Allows for easy interaction with baby and helps parents and baby see from similar points of view. Baby will also learn a lot more about their world. 
•Calms colicky and fussy babies
•Allows parents to be hands free while completing tasks throughout the day. Imagine you're almost finished shopping and baby wakes from her infant seat, you can easily remove baby, get her situated in the sling and finish your task. 
•Promotes personality-shaping interactions.
• Many worry baby will be too needy, crying for attention all the time, but in fact its actually the opposite. Baby will feel more comfortable and happy in his new world. 
•Toddlers often become overstimulated. Wearing them will ensure they are comforted before a meltdown occurs. 
•When babies are worn and calmed, mother feels more competent.
•You will move about more quickly and easily than you would with a large bulky stroller.