Cosmos Baby Sling Carrier
Cosmos Baby Sling Carrier
Cosmos Baby Sling Carrier

Cosmos Baby Sling Carrier

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Cosmos baby sling carrier is a stunning dark blue with gold rings, perfect for any season!

About this ring sling carrier-
•*****Five Star reviews from local baby sling carrier communities!
•Quadruple layered over shoulder ring sling carrier for optimum support!
•Single layer ring sling in the front to ensure coolness for you and your baby.
•Tested Strength.
•Breathable and light weight baby wrap. Perfect for any weather!  
•Light weight baby wrap sling dries fast in the sunshine! You may also machine wash with your everyday detergent, no bleach, dry low with socks over sling rings or hang dry and iron, starting with a ring sling silk setting.
•Artistically handcrafted ring sling and hand dyed baby wrap carrier.
•Excellent and unique ring sling carrier design giving you maximum back and shoulder support for longer wearing times than any other baby wrap carrier or baby sling ring.
•Perfect baby sling carrier to use from newborn to toddler-hood!
•A must have ring sling baby carrier for colic baby and fussy babies.
•Constructed of 100% pre softened linen.
•Sling Rings are aluminum, tested and designed specifically for baby sling carriers.
•Size of baby carrier is 80" from sling rings to baby wrap tail. One size fits all.
•Baby slings are 3rd party tested by ASTM approved laboratories.
•Baby wrap fabric and dye process is tested and safe for mothers and babies.
•The recommended weight limit is between 5 and 35 pounds. (Newborn baby wrap carries are important and you should always make sure to speak with a trained baby sling carrier consultant to ensure proper spine positioning.)
•Proud Member of BCIA.
•CPSIA & ATSM Compliant
•High end ring sling linen quality made in the USA.
•Baby wrap carrier package includes instructions with color photos, registration card and link to baby carrier wrap video tutorials.
•Baby sling wrap fits easily into your purse and once threaded, it will never drag on the ground when adjusting your baby into your baby sling.

~Did you know?
•Babies who are worn in a baby carrier cry an average of 40-50% less than babies who are not.
•Baby sling carrier strengthens bond between parent and baby.
•Decreases risk of SIDS
•Baby sling allows for easy and discreet breastfeeding anywhere!
•Ring sling carrier allows babies and toddlers a safe space to be comforted anytime.
•Baby sling wrap allows for easy interaction with baby and helps parents and baby see from similar points of view. Baby will also learn a lot more about their world.
•Baby sling calms colicky and fussy babies
•Baby sling allows parents to be hands free while completing tasks throughout the day. Imagine you're almost finished shopping and baby wakes from her infant seat, you can easily remove baby, get her situated in the sling and finish your task.
•Baby carrier wrap promotes personality-shaping interactions.
• Many worry baby will be too needy, crying for attention all the time, but in fact its actually the opposite. Baby will feel more comfortable and happy in his new world when worn often in her baby sling wrap..
•Toddlers often become overstimulated. Wearing them in a baby carrier wrap will ensure they are comforted before a meltdown occurs.
•When babies are worn in a ring sling carrier and calmed, mother feels more competent.
•You will move about more quickly and easily than you would with a large bulky stroller in your new ring sling carrier.

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