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Introducing the most Versatile, Supportive, Eco and Water Friendly Baby Sling on the market.  

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Dare I say this is the most comfortable sling I've had? 

Kaytea I. Las Vegas, NV

Obsessed with my sling from Aloha And Light! I love being able to keep my little guy close and this silky fabric is so soft and amazing! It's so supportive and yet so breathable. i can't rave about it enough!

Shawndee H. Phoenix, AZ

Much more comfy, supportive and beautiful than any structured carrier or ring sling i have ever worn... looking forward to carrying him and any other future bundle to come along in these absolutely gorgeous and lovingly crafted ring slings.

@unicornsugardust (instagram) Moloka'i, HI

Sunbeam, Day Dream

Light up your day dreams with our new Sunbeam baby sling!

Illuminate in Baby Pink with Lambent

Available for a limited time in our Linen Essentilas Collection

Spend Precious Time

In our Nebula Sling because it goes with almost anything

Linen Esentials

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