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Tutorials - Onbuhimos

Welcome! Whether you're here simply to learn more about the new Aloha & Light Eco Onbuhimo, or if you've purchased your first (congratulations!) and you're looking for tips on how to wear it properly and safely, you've come to the right place!


Below, you'll find our product brochure as well as video tutorials that address:

1) How to properly cinch the seat of the carrier to achieve an ergonomic fit for smaller babies.

2) How to properly put your baby in the carrier in a back carry.

3) How to properly put your baby in the carrier in a front carry.


If you still have questions after watching these videos, please feel free to contact us, or visit our Facebook Community, where you'll be warmly greeted by experienced users who are happy to assist. Mahalo! 


Cinching Tutorial


Back Carry Tutorial


Front Carry Tutorial


Onbuhimo Brochure

Download Front Page (.png)

Download Back Page (.png)