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Need help deciding whether Aloha & Light is right for you? Find out what real customers have to say about our products. 


Seriously can’t rave enough about these gorgeous works of art or the mama behind it all! So much love & time goes into each sling & you can see & feel that through her creativity. Hands down the most unique, high quality, COMFORTABLE, stylish, water friendly eco silk/hemp pieces you will ever find! Everyone needs at least 1 if not a few! We are totally hooked here & my little guy loves them just as much as I do… the blankets too! My only problem is I want them all!!!!

- Mallarie Cash


The pieces are all one of a kind which is amazing. But not only are they beautiful but they are so durable!!! So well made, we love our Aloha and Light slings and blanket!!! Also the customer service Janelle gives is top notch!! Responds to messages quickly and does whatever she can to help if there’s a problem. I highly recommend this company!

- Katie Bug Mitts


Amazing slings! Great quality, unique look to each one and so comfy!! By far the best carrier that can be used in and out of water! Everyone needs to experience an Aloha and Light Eco silk sling!!

- Kellie A. Van Bergen


These are the only slings I’ve tried that are supportive enough to carry my chunky baby without hurting my back! They are extremely supportive and comfy! The fabric is beyond amazing and the fact that it’s waterproof makes it even more magical! It’s a must have for any momma!!

- Tiffany Freepartner


I don’t think you could find a more honorable company than this one! The work they do is not only reflected in their high quality product but also in their community. These ring slings are more than just a traveling mode for your child; they provide comfort, stability, mobility. Honestly, you won’t find another sling that compares to the versatility and style that Aloha & Light brings to the babywearing world!

- Keilei MacInness


I love my Aloha and Light slings! They are so soft and supportive that I’m equally comfortable slinging my toddler or my infant. And I love that they’re so beautiful while being water friendly. I can wear it to a wedding or the pool!

- Heidi Heimerl


Everything is gorgeous! The slings and blankets are one of a kind and beautiful. These are the best things for the little ones while living in Florida! I can go in the pool or in the ocean with my little one with no worries about them or the sling! I get compliments everytime I wear the sling around town or the beach.

- Pamela Gates


One of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with. Janel has such a kind heart and offers the most beautiful one of a kind slings. They are also more comfortable than any other sling I own. She was able to make mine and another mamas sling dreams come true by making two different one of a kind slings with similar colors because we asked! One of a kind slings from a one of a kind owner! GET YOURSELF ONE TODAY! You won’t regret it!

- Nicole Leonard


Most supportive and gorgeous sling I have ever used!

- Sonya Dopp


Best quality products on the market. The owner of this company has the soul to make products from the heart. <3

- Jeannie O. Wright