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Product Specs and Safety

  • Aloha & Light signature shoulder design offers quadruple layered support!
  • Single layered along the body to ensure breathability for you and your baby.
  • Rings are aluminum, tested and designed specifically for baby carriers.
  • Standard Length slings measure between 78" - 82" from rings to tail.
  • Long Length slings measure between 88" - 92" from rings to tail.
  • Breathable and lightweight — standard length slings roll up compactly and weigh only 11 oz., making them so lightweight for both wearing, and for carrying in your purse or diaper bag.
  • Artistically handcrafted and hand-dyed in small batches, using a variety of artistic dye techniques.
  • Products are labeled and priced according to the technical difficulty and labor-intensiveness of the dye work. In order, these labels are:
    • Black Label
    • Platinum Label
    • Gold Label
  • We proudly support small businesses: all Aloha & Light products are sewn by independent makers and small, family sewing shops.

    Safety and Certifications

    • 3rd party tested by ASTM-approved laboratories
    • Proud Member of BCIA
    • CPSIA & ATSM Compliant
    • Made in the USA
    • Fabric and dye process is tested and safe for mothers and babies.
    • Package includes instructions with photos, registration card and link to video tutorials.
    • The recommended weight limit for Aloha & Light ring slings is between 5 and 35 pounds.
    • Proper newborn carries are important. We recommend consulting with a trained baby wearing educator to ensure proper spine positioning.
    • Please contact us immediately if your product shows any signs of damage.
    • Aloha and Light is not liable for misuse of this product. Misuse of this product may cause injury! Please follow instructions and watch all tutorials before use.

    Babywearing and Water Wearing Safety

    • Before each use, ensure rings and fabric are secure and free from damage.
    • Never leave baby unattended in the carrier.
    • Never place more than one baby in a carrier.
    • If the activity is not safe to do holding a baby in your arms, it is not safe to do while baby wearing.
    • Eco-Silk is the only water-friendly Aloha & Light fabric.
    • Never wear baby in deep water.
    • Never wear baby in water with a current.
    • Never wear baby on your back in water (it is important that they remain in your sight at all times).
    • Be mindful of water pooling in the space between your chest and baby.
    • Never use carrier when balance or mobility is impaired.


    Benefits of Babywearing

    • Babies who are worn cry an average of 40-50% less than babies who are not. 
    • Strengthens bond between parent and baby.
    • Decreases risk of SIDS
    • Allows for easy and discreet breastfeeding anywhere!
    • Allows baby and toddler a safe space to be comforted anytime. 
    • Allows for easy interaction with baby and helps parents and baby see from similar points of view. Baby will also learn a lot more about their world. 
    • Calms colicky and fussy babies
    • Allows parents to be hands-free while going about their day.
    • Promotes personality-shaping interactions.
    • Toddlers often become overstimulated. Wearing them will ensure they are comforted before a meltdown occurs. 
    • When babies are worn and calmed, mother feels more competent.
    • You will move about more quickly and easily than you would with a large, bulky stroller.