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Aloha and Light Tribe

     I am the owner and artist behind Aloha and Light.  When I created this brand four years ago, I wanted a name that stood for something from within me.  I wanted everyone to know the true me.  A light worker, a visionary, a dreamer.  Not only am I passionate about color, textiles, life changing mama products and gentle parenting, but I’m also passionate about helping sisters and mothers who are in need of change.  Tribe members, thank you for your donations last year!  We were able to help a few mothers who were in need.  What sometimes seems like such an insignificant amount of help compared to what the world could give, small differences we make in mothers lives become huge impacts on them and their children’s lives.  Even the simplicity of gifting a sling so a mother doesn’t feel held down or stranded can be life changing!  If you feel called to join our tribe today by donating to a mother in need, whether it be a sling or a small donation, please don’t hesitate to join. By doing so we will reward your generosity by giving you a 15% discount on all product anytime of year.  Mahalo nui to all the sisters that have lent a hand this year. I have so much gratitude for you!

 Aloha and Light

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