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Breastfeeding Friendly Baby Carrier from Birth


     One reason I’ve been so successful in nursing my babies for as long as I have, is because four years ago, by accident, I created the most comfortable and supportive adjustable baby sling and now, I see them growing more popular because of how diverse and functional they are.  They are so simple to use and easy to tuck in even the smallest purse.  They're so soft and aren't hot, at all!!!  Super convenient for removing a crying hungry baby from their car seat, for example; in the grocery store, when your cart is full and you're almost done!  Slipping baby into a soft sling against your chest is the easiest most convenient way I've ever known to nurture and feed my baby!  How could I ever raise another baby without one?  I mean, it would be impossible.   It really doesn't get much easier than having one supportive adjustable baby sling you can get almost any stain out of, use in the water when you're dying to take a shower but baby wont let you or a taking a cool ocean dip, or for cleaning up other messes like spit up, when its the only thing around, toss it in the wash and dryer, iron it and it just keeps getting softer!  From my experience over the last four years has been that keeping a sling in the car no matter what, is key to mama and baby happiness!  I say this, but just the other day, here I am running into the post office and the store, with a sleeping baby, who mind you, never sleeps, but this day my arm hurt after carrying him and all the boxes and groceries,  yep I forgot my sling and I paid the price!  So, always keep one in the car!   


They also are so adjustable you can nurse your toddler while holding your newborn!




     Another reason for my success with nursing is because of my husband. He has never been embarrassed by it, never told me it was time to stop, never told me to stop feeding to get something more important done....NEVER!  Nourishing and nurturing them have always been top priority and I am grateful to be surrounded by humans who support me!

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