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Spring Day Dream

     So much goes into creating each collection. Every piece is unique, hand dyed with the utmost care and love.  The energy I put into each collection represents a piece of my life.  I have so many goals and aspirations for my family.  Nothing ever happens overnight though and I have respect for our universe, that everything happens in divine timing, for all my visions and day dreams. 

     My babies are growing up, as my youngest Atticus just started pre-school.
He loves it so much and I'm so happy for him!  He's so independent and ready to take on the world.  He wakes up every morning, picks out his clothes and styles his hair. I'ts the cutest thing. And then I say goodbye.

     The house is quiet and still. I can hear every bird singing.  I complete thoughts without interruption. It feels strange at times.  I have a sense of freedom like I haven't had in a while.  It's a bitter sweet time of my life, not having a child on me at every given moment and it feels liberating to say the least!

     As many of you know, this is a family business, meaning everyone helps from time to time for the livelihood of the family. The little ones help paint when they feel inspired, my husband helps with computer work or whatever I need, but this collection is extra special as I hand painted and hand dyed part of this collection along side my son Trey for the first time. He's 13 and this is his first time showing interest in helping with the family business.  Maybe he felt my sense of calm with Atticus not pulling at me every second or maybe he just wants to make some extra cash, but whatever it was, it made me feel so happy to see his eyes light up when he created his first design!

     From painting to ironing these beauties, getting them ready for their new homes, brings me so much joy. The painting we do brings healing to so many parts of our lives. I have been through a lot in this life, as many of us have, and I'm happy to know when I create a sling or a blanket, its for love. This alone brings healing and comfort to my heart.

     May the warmth of the sunshine and sprinkles of rain bring you feelings of love, bliss and comfort with your families this spring season.

Trey amazed at his very first Aloha & Light Design. 


Me having a moment of bliss with my new favorite blanket. 

Atticus wanted to wear white shorts his first day of pre-school.  

I was anxious for him and warned him about accidents, but he didn't care

what I said.  He wore them anyway. : )


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