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My personal experience with my own C-section twins verses my two natural/water births!

    Being a twin mom myself, I know just how important it is to be able to carry both my babies at the same time, and I mean how on earth would I have ever gotten a thing done without wearing them?!!  Our baby slings are so supportive you’ll be able to do just that!  Whether you’re a mother of two little ones or a mother of twins, you’ll find comfort in the amount of support you get from Aloha and Light Baby Sling Carriers!


     So here’s a little history about me and my wonderful twin boys!  Having twins is one of the most incredible experiences in my life alongside my natural water birth. The way my boys communicated with each other in the womb was remarkable. One was always kicking the other to achieve more space, and I could definitely feel who was more dominant before they arrived earth side by c-section. Then there was the babbling back and forth.. like they had their very own language! It was pure magic!
     The difference between c-sections and natural births is like night and day! Although I wasn’t informed about natural births with my twins, healthier foods, and breastfeeding at that time, I did the very best job I could. I listened to my doctor and had a c-section when he told me to. Fast forward to two more baby boys and two natural births later, I can sit here and tell you the differences i felt between these two types of births.  (Every mama and baby is different and every birth is different, but these are my experiences!)

     From my experience there was no immediate connection to my c-section babies as they were taken from me and not returned for almost ten hours. They weren’t nicu babies. They each weighed five pounds and were totally healthy! I, on the other hand was a complete mess and out of it. All drugged up most the day and night! They supplemented formula to my babies right away so I was only able to pump milk for them for around two months. I didn’t know at the time, that supplementing milk was telling my body I didn’t need to produce any. I crib trained them right away, which I completely regret and I remember not knowing what they wanted when they cried.. frustrated.. the connection wasn’t as strong as when I had my natural births. Now don’t get me wrong I loved them so much as I love all my boys the same, but I’m talking about how I could feel the difference in the maternal connection and my mothers instinct. Another difference was breastfeeding. Natural births led me to years of successful breastfeeding, as with my c-section, I was only able to breastfeed for a few weeks and pumped a couple months. I know there are successful c-section babies who breastfed for years, but this is the difference between my birth experiences. Another difference is today verses eleven years ago. Information is now at our fingertips as before I just relied on advice from elders and doctors. So much has changed but I know I did the most amazing job I could at that time!

     My twin boys just turned eleven years old and they are still inseparable! I always kinda knew that god gave them each other for a reason. As I struggled to find myself in my late 20’s, the boys had each other and I’m grateful for that. It wasn’t until I had my natural birth with my third son, and a connection I’d never felt before, that I was enlightened and started changing the way I parented my boys, throwing out all the old ways I learned as a child, reaching for a more gentle way to raise all my children. I found Kirsty’s Page on Instagram while I was pregnant with Keli’i, called Gentle Parenting and I started learning that these children were not mine to shape and mold, but that I was chosen by them to care for and nurture them. To be there and watch them grow into who they were meant to be.  I found solace in breastfeeding Keli’i and felt a softer more gentler side of myself come to light.

     I had to mentally heal from the traumatic birth of my twins. The hardest part about being a first time mom was I didn’t know anything about birth or raising boys. I mean I barely knew myself and had no idea what direction I was headed, but one thing I know I did right was love them to pieces! Anything they wanted to do, I was there to help them learn.  Whether it was skateboarding, dirt bike riding, surfing, etc. This mama was there! The interest they took to the ocean and surfing was magnetic and pulled us in an entire new direction I never thought was possible.

     When they turned five, we learned what aloha meant as soon as we landed on the island where we made our new home. The people who took us under their wing, we’ll never forget and they will always be a part of our ohana.
I’m grateful for the time that was given to us, just me and my twin boys, under the coconut trees, playing in the surf. Healing and learning about the world together! Definitely one of the highest points of my life thus far! And to all the twin mamas out there, just know we are so fortunate to be able to watch and experience two connected souls travel through life learning and growing together.  It still amazes me everyday to see how inseparable they are!

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