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The best "Summer Daze" of your life.

     Creating a collection in quarantine was awkward.  When needing to run and grab a supply or two I had to mask up and leave my children at home.

     It’s been a roller coaster ride for our family as I’m sure it has been for most of you. Going through it with good days and bad days. The bad, breaking down, feeling like the world was going to end, wondering if my children would ever live a normal life again. I’m sure many of you had similar thoughts. The bad days were rough. Then some days there were quiet moments where I could just sit, breathe and think. Thinking about my life, my past and what it all meant. Where it had led me and trying to choose the correct path from here. The good days felt wonderful! Spending more time with my children, getting creative and doing things differently than we had done before, taking extra time to rest and heal and most wonderful of all was diving into my art and painting slings and blankets for you. There was something about painting this collection and diving deep into these specific colors that was extremely healing for me. Lots of gold and rainbow light took me deep into realms I hadn’t been before!✨

     When I first started this company, I was passionate about the ocean, and the earth, not realizing I was an artist a designer or talented in any way. While out playing in the surf, I would get new ideas, head home and just create them not thinking about where the idea came from or my why. As I came up with products I always just felt the need to display a positive message behind it. Whether it had to do with the ocean, the earth, mother’s in need, wildlife, gentle parenting, etc., it had always been important to me to portray a positive message. This year I want to focus on my art and bringing you new amazing products, while also giving more back to our communities than we ever could before. I’m excited to show you what I’ve been working on!

I hope you’ll find joy in this collection as I did and with it the best “Summer Daze” of your life. See you all soon.

Love, Janel

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