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Are All Water Friendly Silks Created Equal?

     What makes our Tussah Silk Baby Slings so Water Friendly?  Is it the silk?  No!!!  It’s the hemp!!!  Hemp is one of the strongest fibers for water.  The fiber actually strengthens when it gets wet leaving you and baby fully supported while playing in the water!   It dries fast in the sunshine too, ensuring you a dry sling shortly after use!  

Another amazing benefit of our Water Friendly Silks, is the hemp provides UV protection.  Babies shoulders can get too much sun, so be sure to bring fabric up high to give them that extra protection!

 What if they get left in the car or beach bag wet?  Don’t worry!  They are mildew resistant!  Just lay out to dry as soon as you can and they should be good to go!  You can always toss them in the wash if you need to, that’s just how durable they are!  Just be sure not to use bleach! 

Can you put them in the dryer too? Yes, just use a medium setting so the dryer doesn’t get too hot and wrap socks around the rings secured by a hair tie to keep them from knocking around.  Softener is ok too. 

What about ironing?  They look like new when they’re freshly ironed!  Every iron is different though, so just start with a silk setting first and increase heat as needed.  

Can you use them in salt water and chlorinated water?  Yes just give them a fresh water rinse to help ensure the shine of the silk!  If you forget, no worries! I myself have forgotten a few times after pool use and my sling is still shiny! 

How did this Eco Water Friendly Sling come about?  In 2014 it was an extremely hot year in Hawaii!  I mean an abnormally hot year!  I needed a sling that was breathable, one I could use in and out of water so my baby and I could get some relief from the heat.

   I tried a few different textiles, but none were as amazing as this Eco Silk!  It was breathable, silky soft, strong, “tussah”, water friendly and because it had an Aloha and Light shoulder, I’d never need a double layer sling for anything, including water play!  It was the most magical sling I’d ever created!  We loved wading, splashing and playing in the ocean with our family!  My son Keli’i grew to love the ocean as much as I did.  He always felt so comfortable in the water as long as he was in his sling!  Keli’i was my Aloha and Light and he’s always been a huge part of how this brand came to be!  

Be sure to check out upcoming auctions to see Keli’i’s hand painted slings!  He loves to paint and loves to personally hand out his one of a kind Eco Water Friendly slings!   Don’t forget to subscribe so we can notify you of his upcomg auctions!  Aloha and Light 

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