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Open June 27th-July 1st (while supplies last)

Customs are available for a limited time and take approximately 3-4 weeks for slings and blankets and 4-8 weeks for onbuhimo's to be completed.  Specify color combinations and provide inspiration photos for slings, blankets and onbuhimo's via facebook messenger or email.  Messenger is preferred- @Alohalight, email is

Please note~ The final product will be my artistic translation of your colors and inspiration and not exact replica of inspiration photos. 

Please note, I will be creating Black Label (Classic ice dye effect 1 -3 colors, includes rainbows), and Platinum Label (1 -5 colors, more labor intensive dye work, color matching, pastels, sunsets etc..)

If you experience trouble choosing a label, please contact me before ordering.  You can always reserve your spot as a black label design and we can change label upon consultation depending on your design request. 

I'm honored to be given this opportunity to help you express yourself artistically. Mahalo 

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