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Eco Everyday Bags

Just like the trendy ring slings that launched the brand eight years ago, these bags are beautiful, functional, versatile and one-of-a-kind! Each made with a double layer of hand-dyed eco-silk, high quality mini rings, and a magnetic closure, Eco Everyday Bags are perfect for carrying your everyday items: your wallet, phone, a few diapers, a change of clothes for your little one, and even small toys or a sippy cup. And if you have a spill, not to worry — our versatile eco-silk is machine washable!
Speaking of versatility, these one-of-a-kind bags have an ADJUSTABLE shoulder strap, so you can wear them crossbody style, as a slouchy hobo-style bag over one arm, or even wear as a backpack. They are also REVERSIBLE, allowing you to choose between wearing the beautifully chic silk-side-out, or the fashionably casual hemp-side-out. With the incredible dye work on each and every piece, whichever side you choose is sure to add a stunning, colorful statement to your outfit.
Crafted in small batches and meticulously handmade in the USA

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